Conversation With… Richard Gere

The Hamptons International Film Festival had the great honor of spending an hour with Richard Gere during the our 20th Anniversary Festival. Here is a glimpse of the red carpet along with conversation moderated by Alec Baldwin! [Read more...]

VIDEO: Variety's 10 Actors to Watch

Join us on the red carpet… then watch a portion of the Hamptons International Film Festival’s panel of this year’s honored actors in an entertaining and informative discussion. Share in some personal stories and learn firsthand about both the artistic challenges and the practical business realities related to succeeding in today’s film market. Moderated by Variety’s Executive Editor Steven Gaydos. [Read more...]

VIDEO: A Tribute to Ann Roth

Watch the exclusive video of Hampton International Film Festival’s Tribute to Ann Roth from the Red Carpet and inside the intimate event. Friends Meryl Streep, Nathan Lane and Mike Nichols elaborate on the impact of her work as she is presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Costume Design presented by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. [Read more...]

Conversation With… Alan Cumming

The Hamptons International Film Festival had the great pleasure of spending an hour with the esteemed Alan Cumming during our 20th Anniversary Festival. Tune in for segments of our Conversation With… Alan Cumming below! [Read more...]

Conversation With… Stevie Nicks

The Hamptons International Film Festival had the great honor of spending an hour with the legendary Stevie Nicks this past Sunday… and we’re sharing it with you! Tune in for an hour long discussion and share it! [Read more...]

HIFF INTERVIEW: Ben Barenholtz on his World Premiere documentary WAKALIWOOD: THE DOCUMENTARY

We were excited to have a chance to speak with HIFF 2010 Industry Toastee Ben Barenholtz about his new documentary WAKALIWOOD: THE DOCUMENTARY, which is having its World Premiere at the 20th Anniversary Festival on Fri, Oct 05, 4:30PM at Sag Harbor Cinema. The film will also screen Sun, Oct 07, 8:45PM UA East Hampton Theater 3.Click Here to purchase tickets.

As a key figure in the Independent Cinema landscape, from producing the Coen brothers films, distributing progressive and edgy films through Libra Films and Circle Releasing, and exhibiting classic and underground films by Stan Brakhage, Andy Warhol, Maya Deren, Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Buster Keaton and D.W. Griffith at the Elgin Cinema in the late 60′s, how did you find yourself making a film in Uganda?

Given my record, don’t you think it was natural for me to go to Uganda or any other place that can provoke my interest. The choices I have made have always been unpredictable. I was sitting in the the car going to the airport asking myself, “What the hell are you doing at your age? Go home idiot.” But on this trip I managed to reacquaint myself with the reasons I got involved in film to begin with and to realize that I will never retire or be satisfied with past accomplishments or even write a book.

You co-directed Wakaliwood: The Documentary with Alan Hofmanis, is this both of yours directorial debut? What made you want to sit behind the director’s chair at this point in your career?

I directed my first documentary a few years ago called “Music Inn” for which we are still trying to raise the money to clear the music rights.

I never sat in a directors chair.

You’ve been in the industry for almost 50 years, yet you’re still experimenting, creating and utilizing new media to great effect. In fact, you’ve created a Kickstarter campaign for the documentary to help raise finishing funds for the film. What are your thoughts on the changing landscape of producing and distributing films? Are these new platforms exciting to you or do you yearn for the old days?

We started our Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to promote and market the film and to pay off the post production costs. I only yearn for the future, unpredictable, changing landscapes, and distribution methods yet to be developed. I don’t think anyone really knows what will happen next and I can tell you with certainty that I don’t know what I am going to do next.

DON’T MISS HIFF’s upcoming ROWDY TALK on Saturday, October 6th at 10:00am at Rowdy Hall. Filmmakers who have used the crowd-sourcing platform to fund their films share how best to utilize this new concept. Guests will also discuss the impact the company has had in the film industry in the past two years and what we should expect for the future. Admission is first come, first served.

Behind the Scenes: ETHEL screening

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Last Friday the Hamptons International Film Festival (@HamptonsFilm) hosted a sold-out screening of ETHEL (@Ethel_Movie), a documentary about Ethel Skakel, wife and much more to the late Robert Kennedy, as the final film in our SummerDocs series. The film was directed by Rory Kennedy, Ethel’s daughter, and we were lucky to have both women in attendance. Others in attendance were Sarah Davis, Jean Kennedy Smith and her son Michael Kennedy Smith. After the film concluded, Alec Baldwin (@ABFalecbaldwin) hosted a Q & A with Rory where they discussed of all things, Ethel, and what a powerhouse of a woman she continues to be. The film does an incredible job of connecting the Kennedy’s personal stories with that of our American history. Remembering the past, living in the present, and looking forward to the future seemed to be the theme of the night and Ethel for one, said she still has a lot of living ahead of her.

Thank you everyone who came out and supported our 2012 SummerDocs series! We hope to see you again for the 20th edition of the Hamptons International Film Festival on Oct. 4-8.

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Interview: Rory Kennedy Speaks on "ETHEL", Her Mother & More

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The Hamptons International Film Festival is overjoyed to conclude its SummerDocs series with the wonderful documentary by Rory Kennedy about her mother called ETHEL (@Ethel_Movie).

Rory and Ethel Kennedy will both be in attendance this evening for the screening at Guild Hall. Movie at 8 pm, followed by a Q & A with Alec Baldwin (@ABFalecbaldwin).

After tackling controversial issues in your documentaries such as prisoner abuse, the AIDS epidemic, and border control, what made you turn inward and make a documentary about your mother?

Sheila Nevins at HBO approached me about doing a documentary about my mother and I was resistant at first, because it’s my mother—it’s personal. But I also felt that my mother has this amazing story and it would be a great opportunity to share this remarkable person with the rest of the world.

Your mother hasn’t given an interview in 30 years. What was her reaction when you proposed making a film about her?

I thought she would never do it. I figured I would just ask her and she would say no and I would tell HBO she said no. Then I asked my mother and she said yes!

Having grown up surrounded with your mother’s stories, how were you able to separate your role as a daughter from your role as a documentary filmmaker? What was your approach in making the film?

ETHEL is a “point of view” film, and it never pretends to be otherwise. I narrate the film and clearly communicate to the audience that this is a daughter’s film about her mother and family. I’m not pretending to make an “objective” film about Ethel Kennedy. I’m making a very personal film about my family. The film is a very honest reflection of my take on my family. My mother has had a long, full life — she’s 83 years old — but I’ve compressed those years to 100 minutes. So there is a lot of stuff that’s not in there. I’m sure the question will come up of why didn’t you cover this or that. Those questions are inevitable, but at the end of the day, I have to make edits and choices — the film is true to me.

What was your experience making the film, especially now that it’s complete. Working in a documentarian role, was there anything new you learned about your mother?

Making this film about my mother and having the chance to sit down with her and my siblings has been a rare privilege. How many of us have had the chance to sit down with our parents or siblings and ask him or her everything we’ve ever wanted to know? And thought it was hard at times, I will always be grateful for that experience.

So what did I learn that was new? Well, I didn’t know that my mother used to bet on horses on a regular basis when she was at college. Or that my father and siblings slid down the banister of the White House the day Jack and Jackie moved in and I didn’t know that our Seal, Sammy, ate fish but spit out the eyes…So there were a few new facts I picked up along the way. But the greatest gift was getting a deeper understanding of my mother – her faith in God, her crackling sense of humor and her inexhaustible drive. She is a one of a kind. I knew it going in, but have an even greater appreciation of her now.

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Behind the Scenes: The Zen of Bennett SummerDocs Screening

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Thank you to everyone who came out for Monday’s wonderful screening of The Zen of Bennett!

The film was a smash success with a sold out crowd and Tony Bennett (@ItsTonyBennett) in the audience. Following the screening was a Q & A with Tony, his son Danny who conceived, created, and produced the film and Alec Baldwin (@ABFalecbaldwin). The father and son dynamic was quite a thing to behold. The rapport between the two is unparallelled and obviously fruitful as Danny has successfully managed Tony’s career for the last 30 years. Together they have created the Emmy Award-winning documentary Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends and the Emmy Award-winning live music series Live By Request as well as countless other projects. The Zen of Bennett marks another significant step in their career together.

Remember to check out Tony Bennett’s latest album, Duets II. For more information on his upcoming concerts and projects, visit his official website:

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Behind the Scenes: How to Survive a Plague Screening

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Thanks to everyone who came out for Saturday’s screening of IFC‘s How to Survive A Plague (@SurviveAPlague). The film and Q & A felt extremely important and prescient with the current state of affairs. AIDS is still very much a problem as illuminated by the films director David France, CEO of (RED) Charity (@joinred) Deborah Dugan (@debdugan), and the surprise guest Peter Staley (@PeterStaley), who was a main subject in the film and a founding member of ACT UP (@actuporg) in 1987. The film will be released limited starting September 21, 2012.

If you’re interested in more information on either (RED) or ACT UP and how you can help please visit the links below.

Also, please visit How to Survive A Plague’s website for an in-depth and informative timeline on the AIDS movement and other ways to help.

More great photos from the screening below.

How to Survive a Plague Screening (HIFF)

How to Survive a Plague Screening (HIFF)

How to Survive a Plague Screening (HIFF)


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